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Life in UK / Ireland

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Moving to The UK

Moving to the UK can be a daunting experience but doing so offers expats a life in a historical and cultural country. The United Kingdom consists of England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales and despite being one of the most powerful countries in the world, it is actually very small. However, despite its size, it is extremely influential in world trade, politics and economics and is a leading member of the European Union.

The UK is not only influential in politics and the economy; it also boasts a long and fascinating history, beautiful architecture and is famous across the world for its literature, music, films and of course football. The traditional English pub is replicated across the world and favorite dishes such as fish and chips and sausage and mash are very popular.

The language in the UK is mainly English. Welsh is spoken in some areas of Wales and a very small number or people speak the Scottish form of Gaelic. Accents and dialects vary considerably across areas of England and it can be a challenge for some expats to understand some of the forms of English that are in use.

Moving to the UK: Career Opportunities

The UK offers great working opportunities, especially for people from the EU who don’t require a work permit. People from outside the EU however, may find it more challenging to find a suitable job although some positions do exist. On the whole, more menial work can be easily secured by people with valid work permits, especially in the catering or domestic help areas. The majority of managerial jobs for expats are located in the South-East of the country, in and around London.

Excellent English speaking skills are required for almost all positions.